Our Philosophy


Community Within a Community

We provide vocational, social, recreational and life skills opportunities in the comfort of the facility where strategies and equipment are readily available to help individuals self-regulate.

Caring & Compassion for All

We promote health and well-being throughout all stages of life while supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. We focus on relationships building and trust with our clients.

Life Long Learning

We believe learning continues throughout a lifetime and that it is essential to provide an environment that promotes not only the retainment but the development of new skills and concepts.

Our Programs & Services

Day Program

This program is for adults living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), other intellectual disabilities or exceptional behaviours that are not conducive to pre-requisite skills of typical adult day programs. Our philosophy is intended to meet the individual needs of each person and provide systemic supports. Individualized transport services available to individuals requiring such care.

Before & After Hours Program

Can DO People recognizes that some individuals may benefit from an extended workday for personal needs or supervision. CDP will continue to provide an environment that will foster the best learning conditions and encourage positive, productive behaviour for a more social and leisure-based experience. Extended hours of care are offered for adults in the program who require additional respite services from Monday to Friday.

Summer Program

Social and leisure, as well as, some academic and vocational opportunities will be offered for the months of July and August to individuals aged 16 to 20 with a developmental disability. Like the CDP program, the summer program is dedicated to providing best practices and strategies for working with individuals diagnosed with Autism and other developmental disabilities. It provides rich experiences that are varied, plentiful and fun.