Transportation Van-Birchwood Kia West and Can DO

By Susan / Oct 02, 2014

VANtastic News

Birchwood KIA West supports Can DO People Inc.


Birchwood KIA West was a hub of activity with Can DO People’s board members and clients on hand Thursday, October 2nd at 3:00 p.m. as a dream became a reality, when Shayne Rankin, GM, handed over the keys to a 2014 KIA Sedona to Kim Corlett, Executive Director of Can DO People Inc.

Through the support of Birchwood KIA West, our Can DO People’s clients can travel ‘in style’ while being productive in the community.  This vehicle will make daily outings that much easier, as well as, provide transportation services for those families involved.  Winnipeg will come to know Can DO People, thanks to our travelling billboard (decaled out from bumper to bumper) which will help raise awareness of our organization and the many services it provides for families.  It’s a Winnipeg thing!

We have many people to thank for our VANtastic news:

*To Shayne Rankin, GM and the Birchwood KIA team, thank you for supporting Can DO People and joining us on our journey—definitely on the road to being productive in community.

Shayne, thank you also for pulling out all the stops and making this moment memorable, especially for those clients in attendance that day.  You showed us where your heart lay by taking the time to connect with each client and your actions spoke volumes about what community means to you.

*To Lindsay Creedon, from Teamsystems, thank you for all your assistance with the van mock up and computer advice.  Can DO People is now sure to be the ‘talk of the town’  as the best dressed KIA Sedona on the streets of Winnipeg.

*And also a big thanks to Julie Ewanchuk, our Can DO People’s board member who initiated the relationship with Birchwood KIA West which resulted in our VANtastic news--our very own Can DO People van.


Can DO People have PASSION…

 It’s our KIA that drives us!